WP WASTO – effective flood protection made of steel

In Switzerland it has been possible to prevent serious damage to buildings caused by flooding – with WP WASTO.

High water levels, torrential rainfall and catastrophic flooding: we are reminded with increasing frequency how vulnerable even solid buildings are to natural disasters such as these. Ingress of flood-water, mud, waste and avalanche debris puts the lives and livelihoods of residents and home owners at risk. In any case, one thing is sure: the financial implications are always enormous, and home and contents insurance policies may not provide cover.

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If need be, WP WASTO can be erected by one person on their own.

The solution is WP WASTO – the building protection system made of steel.

This patented building protection system from Husemann & Hücking makes it possible to effectively seal doors, windows and access points. WP WASTO is easy to use, giving it a major advantage over conventional flood protection systems.







  • The steel flood defence system provides highly stable seals for wall openings
  • A small number of components ensures affordable and effective protection
  • Flood protection for all types of residential properties, offices and industrial buildings
  • Components are easy to handle and can be quickly assembled by one person